Be a Part of My Next Book!

I’m so excited to be offering this opportunity to all my fans and cozy lovers. For the month of October, I am asking for your best healthy comfort food recipe to include in book 4 of my Trudie Fine Mystery SeriesA Fine Line. One recipe will be chosen to be included somewhere in my story and the recipe will appear in the back of the book with your name as the lucky winner!3-book set

If you’ve been reading my series, you know that one of the characters, Trudie’s friend Ally, has opened a restaurant, Savor, where she serves healthy comfort foods. What is healthy comfort food? This would be a hacked recipe that normally would be heavy in carbs and sugar that is converted into a tasty, but healthier version of the same dish. An example might be oven fried chicken coated with something other than carb-filled bread crumbs or whipped cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. For another example, see my Zucchini/Spinach and Ground Turkey Lasagna recipe featured in my last blog post.

The rules:

  • Submit one healthy comfort food recipe.
  • Please send your own recipe or one adapted from another recipe.  Your submission should not be a recipe already published in a cookbook. You can, however, take a cookbook recipe you love and hack it. In that case, please let me know where the original recipe was published.
  • To submit, please go to my blog: and enter your recipe on the Contact Me tab.
  • Recipes can be submitted through October 31, 2017.
  • Winner will be announced sometime in November.

I will also publish some of the runner-up recipes on my blog for everyone to enjoy. I’m looking forward to getting all of these wonderful recipes and making you a part of my book, A Fine Line.


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