I am honored that Washington, DC Executive Chef, James Turner, has provided several recipes for the back of all of the books in the Trudie Fine Mystery series, A Fine Fix, Fine Dining, and Fine Arts. James is currently the executive chef at Blue 44. When you’re in town, come and sample his tasty dishes.

I gave James a list of dishes served up in all three books. A Fine Fix, with a Mexican theme, includes recipes from James for Sangria, Mango Salsa (pictured above), Salmon Fillets with Honey Chile Glaze and Flan. I have tested all of these recipes and they all came out scrumptious!

In addition, I have added my own recipe for Grilled London Broil, a dish Trudie prepares for the Lewis dinner party in the book. And as a special treat, readers of my book will be delighted with Ally’s Cookie Bars (peanuts optional).

All of the recipes in the back of Fine Dining, with its New Orleans theme, were provided by James. In fact, his Gumbo is a favorite menu item at his restaurant, Blue 44. You’ll love how thick and delicious it is!

The story in Fine Arts takes place during the week of Thanksgiving, so you’ll find seasonal recipes such as Butternut Squash Soup and Jennifer’s Sweet Potato Biscuits. And because one of my favorite characters in the book is a dog names Zeus, I have even included a recipe for dog biscuits that were actually tested, and loved, by some local canine friends.

You can get all of these recipes from the backs of my books, A Fine Fix, Fine Dining, and Fine Arts. In addition, I will be adding recipes to this page and I hope you’ll share some of your favorites as well.

3-book set


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