As you read the Trudie Fine mystery series, you’ll see that Trudie thinks in food references, which I call Trudie-isms.

Here are a few Trudie-isms from the first book in the series, A Fine Fix.

“She  [Mrs. Schwartz] extracted a cigarette from the kitchen drawer and held it between CoveFinalMD-AFineFixher bony fingers, displaying a glittering rock the size of a garlic clove.”

“Why in the jalapeno would anyone think it was a murder?” [Trudie doesn’t use obscenities so this is an example of her cursing.]

“…his dimples caused my body to go limp as a slice of cheese on a tuna melt.”

“In the burgundy polyester suit…, I roasted like a chicken in the oven, needing to be basted.”

“Thoughts sloshed around in my head like milk in a coconut.”


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