The Present

They say it’s a gift.

I agree.  At the New Year, we tend to think back over the past twelve months to our memorable moments – the good and the bad; the things we want to remember and those we want to forget.

Or, we think about the next twelve months, our future, and what we want to accomplish with a fresh start and a blank slate.

But we don’t know what will happen tomorrow or next week or next month. All we have right now is what we were given – today.  It’s ours to keep, and we can use it any way we want.  And whether I choose to lounge around in PJs (which I did this morning) or clean out the vanity cabinets in the bathroom (which we did this afternoon) or make a big pot of pasta fagoli (which I’m preparing to do now), it’s my present to use as I wish.

Wishing everyone a present each day of 2015!

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