Pumped Up to Publish

Getting ready to publish “Fine Dining,” the second book in The Trudie Fine Mystery Series is keeping me busy. I’m beginning to get feedback from my beta readers and seeing that I have a few scene changes and tweaks to work out.  Here I thought I had finished the book.

James Turner, executive chef at Blue 44 Restaurant in DC, has again agreed to contribute his talents to my book and has sent me six wonderful recipes to include in the back. I spent an eternity in the grocery store – well, actually  two grocery stores — buying all the necessary ingredients to test the recipes. Of course, James wants me to try them out, and as I’ve followed the recipe instructions I’ve been able to ask him questions like, “Should the gumbo simmer covered or uncovered?” or “How much stock do I use for the mushroom risotto?” So far, so good. The biscuits and the gumbo have been amazing! Only four more recipes to try.

Of course, even when you finish a book, there are many other details to attend to like the copyright page, the dedication, the acknowledgment page and that all-important back cover with just the right description to entice the reader to open the book. I’ve also solicited other authors for quotes that I can add to the back cover.

This is a feverish time, trying to get all the ingredients chopped and diced to blend them together into a savory and satisfying book. I’m thrilled with this dish and can’t wait to serve it to you.


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